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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My passion

I have a passion for food, by that I mean, that I love everything about it, not just the eating (although I am not a huge eater) But everything that goes with it, from the shopping for weekly groceries to the meticulous planning, recording and preparation. I have lots of recipe books some are in English some are in German, but I have many, maybe not as many as some people but for a woman who only recently found her true passion in life I am not doing to badly, although I guess like everyone I have my favorite, one that I turn to time and time again. Taste of home, the cooks who care edition, I have noticed that a new one is coming in October and that’s what is on my birthday wish list. I also have my own recipe book, or what I should say is that it’s a book of all our favorite recipes that I have cooked so far, I am just about to enter number 80, I have cooked far more than that obviously but so far only 80 have made it into the book. I have a folder for my torn out magazine recipes and a notebook for my own original recipes (not that I have very many in there) and just today I bought a recipe organizer which I am bound to have a whole load of fun with once I get started. Saturday evening we had a BBQ and I was able to put my abilities to the test, it’s one thing cooking for just you and your husband it’s a whole different ball game when you add guests to that list and I have very rarely been given the chance to cook for very many people, although I did Christmas dinner 2 years on the trot for my ex husbands family, not that they really enjoyed the variety of food or the effort I had put in. Anyway back to Saturday night, $40.00 a head, that included a 24 pack of beer, one bottle of vodka and a bottle of blue bols, 12 cans of sprite and 12 cans of coke light, the invite was bring a bottle. I think there was 10 of us altogether and I had way more food than we needed and everyone went home with doggy bags of food, but I catered for everyone I hope, we did:
Salsa Five layer dip (guacamole, sour cream, black olives and jalapeƱos, salsa and shredded cheese) Guacamole (store bought) Beer Dip Cheesy artichoke dip, served warm. 3 types of tortilla chips, dippers, scoops and restaurant style Marinated shrimp in a ice bowl Ranch pasta salad Potato salad Coleslaw Arugula salad with a light French dressing Garlic French loaves Hamburger and hotdog rolls (store bought) Salmon pinwheels (for the vegetarian) Boneless chicken wings Two types of marinated steaks, (one marinade was store bought) Sausages Homemade beef burgers BBQ ribs (store bought) And for dessert we served chocolate brownie cheesecake (store bought) and I also made a chocolate mocha cheesecake. I am particularly proud of myself at the moment because one of my guests has asked me to cater for her house warming party next month!!! :o) Go me…….. Now I am going to go back to my recipe books and find something to cook!!!

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  1. This looks great, Beckey! I hope you had a good trip back to Germany...let me know so I don't worry about you! xoxoxoxo