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Friday, March 14, 2014

Recipe Book Review part 2

  1. Taste of home, contest winners mini-book this little book was a bonus book when I bought the all new third edition, taste of home cookbook, which I will get to much later, I don’t believe it’s sold individually, which is a shame because it is a nice little addition to any collection of books. The taste of home books are in my top10 favourites, because they are packed full of tried and true recipes from everyday home cooks, I am yet to try a failed recipe, bar the citrus garlic shrimp which was totally my mistake and not that of the recipe.
  2. Meine Familie und ich, Einfach laktosefrei geniessen this as you can probably tell is one of my German books, it has 40 recipes, which are lactose free. At the time I bought it, I bought it with my son in mind – all to do with his Aspergers and a change in his diet. It also has lots of information about lactose intolerance and made for interesting reading, that’s as far as I got. I got given the rolly eyeball treatment, when I suggested we try him on this diet, it’s been sat on my shelf ever since. (It has made it’s way into the draw so I can copy some information out of it for my daughter who does have a lactose intolerance, I would send her the book because truth be told I am unlikely to ever use it, but I am also very aware that it would most likely end up the same way as all my other books I left there… In the bin, and truth be told I can deal with a lot of things, disrespect for books is not one of them, I am utterly gutted that books from my childhood have been ripped up and destroyed or thrown away. I paid €3.49
  3. Kräuter Küche I went through a phase where, like my next door neighbour and friend, at the time, I wanted to grow my own herbs, I still want to really but that’s a story for another day. I bought this book because it has an A-Z of some of the herbs and 30 recipes using some the herbs. This is another book which although I have read cover to cover several times I am yet to use a recipe. Some of the recipes do look and sound very appealing though, I may have to rectify the non-usage pretty soon? RRP €3.49.
  4. Taste of Home Bacon  this is news stand only mini book. 78 ways to eat bacon, as long as you like bacon if you can get hold of a copy of this you can’t go wrong, with this one you can make a bacon and egg bagel for breakfast, hot bacon and cheese spread appetizer, bacon wrapped seafood skewers for your main and chocolate covered bacon to name but a few, there is for sure something in here for you. RRP $4.99
  5. Cocktails “Falken”  no kitchen is complete without at least one cocktail book, this one isn’t the best – but also not REALLY bad either, it’s another German one with over 300 recipes, I have tried several out of this book. Would I recommend it? Yes I think I would because although very lacking aesthetically it’s not too bad really – it’s got lots of cocktails after all – RRP €6.90 I very much doubt I paid that much though, I wouldn’t have been allowed too! It is available on Amazon second hand and cheaper; don’t forget though it is in German… Although a lot of the ingredients are spelt the same, you could give it a try and learn German at the same time in a fun way, drunk!  :o).
  6. Schnelle Küche a German recipe book of quick practical recipes with step by step instructions and some very attractive colour photographs of what your food should look like from soups and salads – Chow Mein and risotto this book has a reasonable amount of recipes for its €1.95 price tag.
  7. Desserts again as with number 16 this is a German recipe book, from the same publisher and done in the same style, except it is just desserts. If you want fruit chocolate, pies, puddings and mousses, I’m certain you would find something in this book to tickle those taste buds, and again at the €1.95 you’ve not really got much to lose by giving it a try.
  8. Better Homes and Gardens my copy is the 14th limited edition, I believe that it was printed in 2007, although we bought my copy almost three years later. This file is compiled of tried and true recipes from home cooks who have contributed their recipes, it’s a classic book and whilst I hadn’t come across it before, at the time, I did buy it, I have since discovered that a lot of my foodie friends in America own it, or at least one of its editions – it’s a binder (which I like, it makes it easier to copy recipes because you can just take it out and scan it) and because of the dividers it makes it really easy to find exactly what you are looking for and each section has an individual index RRP $29.95, which is also the price I paid.
  9. Catherine’s Family Kitchen I love this book, I love all my books for different reasons! Glen bought me this one to cheer me up, it’s full of “uncomplicated, doable recipes” The book itself is pretty to look at, and it’s full of family friendly recipes which are quick and easy to get on the table. RRP £19.99 which is the price we paid, but I did notice it on Amazon a few months ago for £12.79, it’s currently £17.19. Please remember Amazon does give you other buying options though and you can pick up some bargains if you bother to look!

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