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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The End Of A Military Era.....

Today is a somewhat monumental day. It is the last working day for my husband, the end of a long and fulfilling career in the Army. He is a firm but fair man who has the respect and loyalty from both his civilian and military staff. He worked hard and played even harder, and has always had an uncanny knack for making everyone laugh. Albeit with a little risqué sense of humour at times, if not a little wicked.

I can’t help but feel happy for us, we are moving on. Admittedly into the unknown, which is a little daunting, and it’s certainly going to be different, military life is all I know, and after 24 years for my husband, I can imagine, it’s just as daunting for him. At the same time I feel sad, sad for all the friends and co-workers he is leaving behind, he emits a certain security, when he is around, you know and feel that he will always have your back no matter, what. He is for want of a better word SAFE!

He has always put the welfare of others before his own and cares about his men and women, protective and loyal to a fault. Not only of those in his office but also the other offices within his troop. The Army is losing a good man today a legend in his own right. Whilst I am probably utterly biased, I’m also right when I say that although he has left, he will never be forgotten.

His career has taken him all over the world including Germany where we met and America where we set up our first home together. He has met some really wonderful people and made some equally wonderful friends. He has stories to tell, which will make you laugh and at times make you raise your eyebrows! But most of all he has had a life most would and could only dream about…….

It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new one!

It’s going to hard to fill the boots of this man.

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