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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An hour out of my life!

I have what’s known as hypothyroidism, which basically means that my thyroid gland isn’t producing enough of the thyroid hormone. Mildly annoying condition, I have to remember to take tablets in the morning everyday, if I don’t, I become symptomatic quite quickly, and it takes a long time for my hormone levels to return to normal. I have been very good though, and I remember most days to take my tablets (I have to) but I have noticed recently that I have been symptomatic regardless of taking my pills. Moody, slight weight gain, feeling slightly depressed, lethargic, lack of sleep when I do go to bed, dry itchy skin. Thankfully I haven’t noticed my hair falling out, mind you I haven’t really brushed my hair in about six years…. Mainly due to the fact that my hair was coming out in big clumps, that’s what prompted me to go to the Doctor in the first place.

So I was in the doctors yesterday, I am due to have a blood test, you have to have your bloods tested at least once every 12 months, just to make sure that your levels are right. “So” says the doctor “Have you noticed any changes since your last visit Mrs. Dodds?” hmmm I think briefly which symptoms was it again? “Well now that you mention it, I have gained a little weight, been feeling the cold more than usual, I have been feeling ever so low lately, (I refuse to use the word depressed) I am lethargic, and having trouble sleeping, but the worst thing is I am ravenous all of the time.” There’s one of those awkward moments when the doctor is a little quite, you can almost see the cogs working in his brain and all of a sudden he blurts out “Do you ever feel suicidal?” I was a little shocked at this question, of course I have not had thoughts about killing myself, I have too much to live for.

My simple thyroid blood test, which I am having tomorrow, has now gone up to a full work up, simply because I mentioned a few symptoms, so my liver is being tested, kidney function, I am being test for diabetes and of course my thyroid levels, it has been suggested that I take 75mg one day and 100mg the next of thyroxin, to try and treat my symptoms… Suggested? Do I or don’t I in that case, is taking more thyroxin going to cause a spurt of weight loss? Am I going to be able to sleep? And am I going to feel less tired and less moody? If the answers are yes, then maybe this is a good thing.

The most distressing thing the doctor said to me though was “Mrs. Dodds, I really think you should lay off the coffee”  WHAT!!!!!! No coffee, I am constantly tired and live off caffeine and he says I should stop drinking coffee. I am currently sat here drinking Green Tea, probably also not a very good thing, it certainly doesn’t taste good! He said I should drink milk (this is not a good thing when you trying to lose weight, so that’s out) or water. I don’t think my life could BE any worse, (a little melodramatics never hurt anyone.) So in conclusion, I am on a diet of rabbit food, literally, and I am only supposed to be drinking water. How dreadfully drab.

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