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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A slight change to the plan!

I am going to have to change my blog slightly, maybe it’s time to get a little risqué? Or not! I’ve done risqué, and whilst I am most definitely open to other peoples opinions and possibly even a little friendly debate about whatever my blog may have been about, I am not equipped to deal with hurtful defamatory statements, they make me cry! So I am still sticking with “safe” for now.

I am going to carry on blogging about food, but to be honest I am ready to venture out slightly. I don’t want to start a different blog for each topic, I suspect I’d end up with hundreds. My mind is so scatty at the moment! I still want to blog about my previous recipes, I’ve still got lots to go until I have caught up, but my life is changing now and I’ve got so much “material” to work with. Not to mention so many plans, ideas and ultimate dreams.

But lets start small and work big, and see how it goes. First things first – my weight loss plan – ideally a get thin quick plan would be perfect, alas anything worth doing is worth doing right. I’m secretly hoping that lying down the truth of how much I weigh on my blog will give me that extra push I need to lose the weight. I am going on the basis of “name and shame” here.

So my first port of call is to stand on the scales and weigh myself, possibly have a good cry and then post on here. I’m hoping that my thyroid levels are too low, I’ll find out tomorrow morning, daft thing to hope for I know but it would mean upping my dosage of Thyroxin and the “extra baggage” should plummet quite quickly. This however is probably too good to be true, or too easy.

I’m going to try and blog twice a day, or at the very least alternate between my previously tried recipes and my new diet – I have found a few recipe books which also have a few exercises in them that shouldn’t cause to much stress on my knees, so maybe I will pull my finger out and try a couple of them too – who knows?

I don’t think I am F.A.T, just so we are clear on that fact, but I am frumpy, love handles that I don’t really like, regardless of what my husband says. 10kgs is my ultimate goal, any extra is an added bonus. The way I intend to do this is a once weekly weigh in and a food diary, including the recipes I have used.

Wish me luck because my un-weight loss every week, will be a little embarrassing not to mention disheartening, which is why I am making my husband do this as well so that I can prove that whilst I am failing, it does work.    

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