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Friday, April 13, 2012

When it all goes to pot

One thing I have learnt over the last few years, is that despite my best intentions sometimes it just all goes wrong. Last night for example I had planned to do Nigella Lawson's meatloaf, I thought I had everything I needed, first thing I noticed, I didn't have was bacon... Oops but not a complete disaster, I had a chunk, slab, which ever way you want to put it, in the freezer, so I removed it and then cut, into slices of bacon, badly I might add. Next I discovered that I had run out of onions, but I had shallots, so I cut up three of them and sautéed them, I had also put three eggs in a saucepan for boiled egg, with water obviously. Once the eggs were done I then ran them under cold water and once cool I tried to peel them, the only problem with that is that I am really rubbish at peeling boiled eggs and two of them ended up with huge chunks missing. Oh well, they were going to go in the middle of the meatloaf so beauty wasn't going to be too much of an issue. Now was the time for me to set up the meatloaf or start anyway, I had forgotten to prep the breadcrumbs but all thing considered I am glad hadn't, because they would have been wasted. I went into the fridge to get my beef out and discovered that although I had taken it out of the freezer the night before it was still frozen. So I had no bacon, but fixed that problem, no onions but fixed that, and my eggs well it was an unfortunate issue but hardly the end of the world. Frozen meat though? That I couldn't fix........ So no meatloaf last night, in that end we had a tortellini pasta bake! Simple to make and took a few minutes to prep. Nice? Yes, but it wasn't meatloaf!!!!!

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  1. I just did this on a iPad, I borrowed off one of the guy's at work. I am at work, how cool is that?

    Guess what I would like for my birthday this year?