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Friday, March 30, 2012

In Some Small Recognition Of the Lost Lives

There are some things in life that shouldn’t be ignored, and whilst I could sit here and talk about my latest recipe in my notebook or some random day trip out, it seems a little inappropriate to do so.

My husband is a soldier, has been for the last 24 years, he’s had a good career, one which he is proud of, and I am proud to be an Army wife, his wife. Tonight is his dine out, recognition of his years in the military. It seems however slightly bitter sweet, because down the road, a few hundred metres from my home, a young mother is mourning the death of her husband killed just days before he was due to come home from Afghanistan. Their youngest child is barely a year old, and will never get to learn the sort of person his Daddy really was. I’m sure his mother, in time, will tell him all about his Daddy, but it’s not enough and it certainly isn’t fair. He won’t ever be able to do the things young boys do with their Daddy’s. It all seems so senseless and sad. My heart breaks for her and her little boys!

Where does this leave us though, over 400 British troops have been killed out there now, and my conviction has always been that whilst very sad and heartbreaking that in this day and age so many men and women are dying for this cause, that our troops shouldn’t be pulled out, because the “job” at hand isn’t finished, it seemed to me as though pulling out our troops would then make the deaths of the soldiers even more senseless, after all if you don’t finish the job you set out to do, then what’s the point in starting it at all?

My opinion may have changed, I still think if you set out to do something you should finish it, but at what cost? Maybe it’s better over there now, maybe it isn’t, but the Taliban aren’t going to stop and if we don’t stop, it seems to me now, that it’s going to be a never ending cycle of war and death……. When is it going to end? Probably not soon enough and not without the loss of more lives.

God bless are troops and keep them safe!

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  1. Thank you for posting this blog, Beckey! Thank you to Glen for his service, as well. It is sad, very sad about that poor child. I think all war is senseless, but a necessary evil. I'm a retired military wife, I suppose. My husband was not over in Afghanistan or anything like that, he was running boat crew up and down the rivers in Vietnam. He, and Glen, too, have seen things that are completely unfathomable to a normal human being and yet they are still here. We have some awesome men, don't we??? xoxoxo