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Sunday, January 22, 2012

About My Cooking Hobby, possible recipe organising tips

For the past two nearly three years, I've been on a mission to try as many recipes as I can and then copying the recipes into my notebook, I'm on my second now. I have started remaking some of the recipes from the first notebook, again, so I can get photo's of the food - in part because of my blog, as I am blogging the recipes in order that I made them, which is why some don't have photo's, but also because I have a computer program and I have been adding recipes to that too..... It makes them so much easier to share, rather than having to write them out by hand over and over again, I can just copy, paste and email.

Originally when I first started this 'hobby' I was making notes in my cookbooks, in pencil but I felt as though I was defiling them, which is when Glen suggested that I should use notebooks that way I could copy the original recipe but add my comments and changes, without ruining books. I don't know why I didn't think of it? I am happiest when I put pen to paper and can quite happily write for hours and hours. So it made perfect sense. There was and is of course an extra added bonus to this, all the recipes I have made are in one place. I would like to be able to sit here and say that this makes them easier to find, but to be honest I have a pretty good idea which book each recipe comes out of anyway. So in actual fact that point is rather irrelevant. A useful tip perhaps for someone who can't remember where they get recipes from, but are willing to take the time to write them out, you could also type them out on a computer, print them and then keep them safe in plastic sleeves in ring binders, I do that too.

I did say I was a little obsessed. It's most definitely a past time, something I enjoy doing as opposed to MUST do, that said I am not sure I could stop writing now if I tried. I can honestly say I am addicted. My addiction hurts no one other than my husbands bank balance, to write you need pencils, pens and notebooks and that's where my other "addiction" comes into fruition - stationery, which IS that bad, I must avoid the stationery aisles in stores at all costs, also Amazon and W.H.Smith websites, when I was in America, Staples, which I have since found out is in England too........ :o) big smiley faces, and Michael's, I seem to be able to find a reason as to why I NEED a new pen, diary, notebook, binder, etc.. I genuinely can't help myself and admitting I have a problem hasn't worked either. Glen finding stationery items in the shopping cart are usually accompanied by a "oooopsy, how'd that get in there" he never says anything, but gives me that look which says it all.... "Really, wife, do you REALLY, need that glittery pink ruler, to add to the three you have at home and why on earth do you need that purple pen which writes in purple, with that ridiculous purple feathered weight thing on the end, which makes it impossible to write with anyway"? The answer of course is yes I do NEED it, but even I realise I've no idea why!!! And the way I justify it? everyone has a vice, this is mine!