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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dude She Got Me Legs!!!!

Ok so in late 2009, early 2010 my "kitchen antics" took a slightly over zealous, about turn, and I had a massive ooooopsy, this was a mistake, kitchen mishap it wasn't, because it never got as far as the end. My husband and I had been shopping, as usual we stopped at the fish counter in Giant, and as we were looking at the "specials" we found frogs legs, $4.00 for two pairs. We decided to give them a go, more accurately I decided to give them a go. As adorable as my husband is, he is clearly misguided, as he went along with my hackney eyed scheme. I am a very lucky wifey as my husband will go along with things to keep me, in a relaxed, happy and independent state, even if that requires eating frogs legs, despite better judgement. Now I am certainly not jesting anyone who eats frogs legs, I am sure they are perfectly Divine, "taste just like chicken" as the saying goes, however, and this is where my blond moment ensued - I was expecting one thing and got something else. They looked like frogs legs in the packaging - SURPRISE, what did you expect right? Ok so in all honesty I could see what I was buying. I took them home, looked up frogs legs and followed the recipe.........

In my mind I had this image of battered frogs legs, no longer looking like frogs legs, but instead looking like a mangled mess, or chicken nuggets? To my absolute horror frogs legs have BONES!!!!!! Hmmmmm... Go figure right - as I said a blond moment, I decided I could get passed this misconception and battered the legs according to the recipe, then started to cook them - which is when my mind started playing tricks on me and I could see the legs wiggling around in my skillet. Well then I had the image of poor little Kermit the frog sizzling away in my pan... With that in mind in Germany frogs are endangered, not sure why, I used to stop my car and help them across the road! Needless to say I stopped cooking Kermit's legs, wrapped them up and put them down the waste disposal shoot. Turns out my husband was grateful for my hallucinogenic episode, as he didn't want to eat them either.

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