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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kitchen Items Old and New

Still about the food and kitchen but a little different to my usual type of entry. I recently read the start of a cookbook I downloaded onto my iPad, that was first printed in 1852. I was fascinated by the huge difference in kitchen gadgets and utensils that are modern day kitchen necessities! Usually when you buy a cookbook, although not all, right at the front of the book there are a couple of pages dedicated to the kitchen equipment you will need. (Normally items which will be featured somewhere within the book) This list will include small things like utensils all the way up to and including larger gadgets like a mixer, in some cases I have even seen a microwave mentioned.

Here is a list of kitchen items which are supposed necessaries, taken from several books admittedly but all items on the list are items each book claims to be essential kitchen utensils/gadgets. All items with a star in front of them are items I have.

1. *Three pans of various sizes, aprox. sizes, 2 litre, 3-4 litre and 6-8 litre
2. *Two frying pans os skillet, 20cm and 30cm
3. *One griddle pan
4. *Basic set of knives, paring knife, cooks knife, boning knife
5. *Honing steel
6. Blowtorch
7. *Digital scales
8. *Food processor
9. *Blender
10. Ice cream maker
11. *Mandolin
12. Microplane
13. *Pestle and mortar
14. Potato ricer
15. *Probe thermometer
16. *Oven thermometer
17. Sugar thermometer
18. Deep frying thermometer
19. *Sieve
20. *Vegetable peeler
21. *Whisk
22. *Cast iron casserole dish
23. *Roasting tin
24. Wok
25. *Bakeware, 12 bun muffin tin, 900g loaf tin, two 20cm sandwich tins, 23cm springform cake tin, bundt pan, flan tin with removable base and a pie dish.
26. *Carving fork, depends on your knife set, mine came with one
27. *Oven gloves
28. Mezzaluna
29. *Stick blender
30. *Scissors
31. Plastic clips
32. *Timer
33. Rice cooker
34. *Nest of mixing bowls
35. *Metal tongs
36. *Wooden spoons
37. *Potato masher
38. *Ladle
39. *Slotted spoon
40. Fish slice
41. *Plastic spatula
42. Speed peeler
43. *Wooden and plastic chopping boards
44.* Salad spinner
45. *Colander
46.*Measuring jug
47. *Box grater
48. *Rolling pin
49. *Tin opener
50. *Salt and pepper mills
51. *Citrus press
52. Dredgers
53. Forks, large wooden and metal
54. *Set of measuring spoons
55. *Measuring cups
56. *Brushes
57. *Pastry and cookie cutters
58. *Baking trays
59.*Cooling racks
60. Lattice cutter
61. Pasta tongs
62. Garlic press
63. *Apple corer
64. Melon baller
65. *Ice cream scoop
66. Bean slicer
67. *Skewers
68. *Dish cloths, a damp dish cloth under a chopping board will stop it from slipping
69. Olive oil for wooden items in the kitchen prevents mould and warping
70. Shallow swiss roll tin
71. Traybake tin
72. Oval pie dish
73. *fluted tin
74. Soufflé dish
75. *Gratin and baking dishes
76. Re-usable baking mats
77. electric grinder
78. *Flexible spatulas, for folding and scrapping bowls clean
79. Palette knife
80. Gravy separator
81. *Pastry scrapper
82. *piping bag and nozzles
83.*Corkscrew, bottle opener and bottle stopper
84. *Ice cube tray
85. *Egg separator
86. Egg slicer
87. Meat mallet
88. Pancake turners
89. *Electric grill
90. Bread maker
91. Jam maker
92. Electric cheese maker
93. *Slow cooker
94. Sauce maker
95. Waffle maker
96. Soup making super blender
97. Electric juicer
98. Yogurt maker
99. Electric carving knife
100. Deep fat fryer
101. Steamer
102. *Microwave
103. *Toaster
104. *Kettle

I could keep going! When I first started cooking, I started out with about 21 of those items.

Now for the nineteenth century cookbook list:

1. Cooking stove with oven and boiler
2. Tin saucepan and lid, 1 gallon
3. Tin saucepan and lid, 2 quart
4. Potato steamer
5. Oval frying pan
6. Grid iron
7. Copper for washing and brewing 12 gallons
8. Two cooling tubs
9. Tub or trough capable of working a bushel or two of flour

That's it, all that was on the list I am assuming that it's assumed that you'll have utensils! Including jugs and scales.

I have to say I was both amazed at the amount of Items on the modern day list and surprised, I know that I have taken the list from several books and therefore several different cooks with different cooking styles but still the amount of items is massive compared to what used to be "necessary." I wonder how the modern day cook would cope now, back then?

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